How is this different from Dropbox / OneDrive?

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How is this different from Dropbox / OneDrive?

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s go with the positives first:

Very simple to set up.  You e-mail the link to your employees, they click on it, they’re in.  Want to change the password?  We send you another link, you distribute it.

Allows you to work with files that Dropbox / OneDrive won’t touch (Filemaker databases etc.)

Instant updates – no file clashes, no constant synchronisation.  If you’re trying to open a spreadsheet at the same time as someone else, you’ll be warned.  No multiple copies of spreadsheets causing confusion.

Nothing stored locally – if an employee leaves or a contract ends, just change the password.  No need to go asking them to delete their copies of the data.


Not free!  We can’t compete with free, and if you find Dropbox / OneDrive etc. works for you, stick with it, and we’ll happily provide support for you. 

Doesn’t work with some firewalls

Doesn’t work on Windows 7 (see below), Windows 8 and 10 are fine though.

Only works on PC’s and Macs. Not on iPhone / iPad or Android phones or tablets.

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